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10-30-2006, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Ghost # 1 View Post
Souray has consistently made mention that the apparent trade rumours were false time and time again... Gainey I am sure knows the pure and simple truth, as well as the players alongside him. On ice however, Sheldon Souray displays a tonne of character, guts and the occassional boneheaded play... News flash... ALL players tend to make boneheaded plays. They make good ones, they make bad ones...

And before many take in to consideration the fact that hes-4, and not on par 5 on 5... I may digress that these actual numbers are weakened by the fact that we retain the #3 PP in the league, by which he has contributed 5 Goals, 5 Assists to...
That has to slightly negate some of these construed views on a player who plays shoddy d... At the end of the day, Souray is contributing more than he is costing... Hes a valuable member to this team, if he is deciding to go at the end of the year... we always have at least to the trade deadline to decide what plans we have in store for all 3 of them (Rivet, Markov, Souray) things can change, and until we watch the season unfold we will only know for sure then...

Personally I like having Sheldon in Montreal... He fits here very well, and adds more to the team off the ice. I also like having Markov and Rivet.
In fact, I am pretty content to believe that at the end of the day, our defence will be able to hold up... Some have mentioned we do have a plethra of COMPETENT NHL defencmen... Right now 2 are injjured, and we still have a decent top 6.

This dude is absolutely right. Couldn't have said it a better way. This guy has contributed highly to our great PP, and all though he screws up here or there, our PK is #1 and Souray is a Dman, that means he's also contributing to this as well.

I don't agree with Ghost's musical taste, , but this guy definitely knows what he's talking about. In my other thread I referred to how Souray has a -4 right now even though he has 12 pts. It is true that he contributes to our team way too much to trade him though. His screw ups can be annoying at times and sometimes reminisant of Brisebois but he's far better a player, especially right now when he costs so little compaired to guys like McCabe who aren't even worth the money.

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