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Originally Posted by 24get View Post
Not really. You are probably more versed in this than me.

I am just looking at the situation and trying to understand.
The results in the last two years are quite bad in Hamilton.
So I am trying to understand what happened.

The simple answer: blame Lefebvre seemed simplistic.
So I looked deeper to try to understand.

I maybe wrong but if I do, some more enlightened poster will correct me and I am perfectly fine with this.

I wish we had the same depth of young players as the team who went deeper in the AHL PO:
  • Det and TBL went to the calder cup with young players;
  • Edm and Pit were in conference finals (Pit was a bit older);
  • Dal, Bos, Tor and CLB did 2 rounds with very few older players.
Detroit have Nyquist, Tatar, Ferraro, Sheahan, Billings, Jurco and Almquist maturing in the pipeline. Billings is the oldest at 23.

TBL have Johnson, Connoly, Palat, Barberio, Panik and Killorn doing the same thing.

Dogs only have three players with 30+ points (barely): Bournival, Dumont and Beaulieu.

It could very well be that we will be a contender when our AHL team will be a contender with young players like Grand Rapids and Syracuse did this year.

For now, we are doing a transition where we are bringing younger players to replace AHL vets.
At least, our young prospects will have top-6/top-4 TOI.

Based on this, I think that Lefebvre did a good job given the team he had.
hahaha Trust me you know more about the AHL then I do. The only thing I know a little about is our prospects.

I really enjoyed reading your valuation of other AHL teams and the baby habs.
What you said makes a lot of sense. What I have learned is I should not be judging the coaching staff on last years results.
I have liked a lot things MB has done so I should start trusting that he knows what he is doing when he hired our AHL staff .
Reading your post and others that know more about the AHL has been great education for me.

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