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10-30-2006, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Roen View Post
I agree but keep in mind that we have to figure out why the hell we are allowing 50 shots per game and why our D's aren't doing the necessary to keep the puck out of our zone.
You also make a valid point and I agree defensively Souray seemed a bit slow this season but honestly, he's one of many defensemen on the team. We can't blame him for any more then 15% of the problem really. With Boullion coming back our D will be a lot more solid. Ninimaa hasn't been playing badly so I don't know why people are wanting him gone already either. Rivet was a bit slow at the start of the season but is getting stronger now.

The habs will find a way to make it work guys, don't worry.

Keep in mind earlier this season when I said it might be possible for 4/5 of the teams in our division to make the playoffs. (Highly unlikely but possible). Boston is basically a free 8 wins. I think the habs need to keep Souray for teams like Boston where you can apply a lot of pressure from the blueline and create scoring opertunities with rebounds.

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