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01-10-2004, 12:00 PM
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Good points. Maybe it is an effect that happens as a result of them constantly being on the recieving end of hits and never on the giving end. In Aulins case, maybe if we were w tougher team he wouldn't have fought.

The Roman one supports the theory.
The Brown one does as well.
Simpson on Palffy may or may not have happened if we had a team that played a style that were prown to sticking up for its talented players instead of one that never does.

Maybe Simpson decides NOT to pull that move if he knew he would either endanger one of his own talented team mates or get his head caved in for pulling the stunt.

On the time thing well, the first year Andy were setting his players and system up. The second year there were injuries as well but who is going to say anything as there are always injuries. It is the continuous effect and injuries that I am talking too.

The injuries you pointed out do show one or two that are abominations but, it also supports the theory as well. I also would point out that you aren't showing the entire list of injuries to our players and how they have happened. That would certainly point in favor of my theory.

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