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07-17-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by tigermask48 View Post
The only reason Hextall was interacting with the prospects was he was also the GM of the Monarchs, so he was heavily involved with them. I get the impression that this hire is solely for the role of Assistant GM with the Kings, making Blake essentially the guy that gets coffee for DL and is allowed to witness the routine duties that DL handles.

Basically think "fly on the wall" type of job. Basically Blake gets to learn how to be an NHL GM by following DL around and doing crap work... The prospects will fall to Nelson Emerson as driller pointed out and whoever is hired as the new GM for the Monarchs.
I just wanna know what the guy has done to deserve this position, even if it is to get DL coffee. He's still going to be paid well to do so. Were they really that deprived of candidates?

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