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Originally Posted by ocean View Post
The DEL signed a 4-Year-Contract with ServusTV in 2012. This pays each team around 250.000€ per season. And it is free tv.

Prior to that, the DEL had a contract with Sky (Pay-tv) where each team received 200.000€.

If that is true and all DEL clubs get only 250.000€ for tv rights, it will not be so difficult for bigest clubs like Eisbaren etc to leave DEL and join KHL. I understand why top SHL clubs does not want to join KHL, one of reasons is huge tv-deal of SHL. It seems that DEL does not have such lucrative tv deals and it is questionable if DEL is able to sign similar tv deal. Richest clubs will not lose big DEL tv-contract (opposite of SHL), so they can join KHL. Yes, KHL does not share tv revenues with clubs now, but will in future and clubs get more than 250.000€, I am sure.

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