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Originally Posted by HockeySensible View Post
Stalberg was on pace for 40 points last year, and given how he performed in the playoffs, I think Morin can at least match that.

Another thing worth pointing out, since you brought up 2010-11.. none of the rookies that started the year for Chicago that season (outside of Leddy) projected as impact players in the NHL, and none of them projected as impact players for that season. Obviously, Bickell had a solid season and has since become an impact player (to what extent remains to be seen), but outside of Leddy, there wasn't a lot of promise in Bickell, Dowell, Skille, etc.

The 2013-14 rookie crop could not be more the opposite. Brandon Pirri and Jeremy Morin are coming off great/very good offensive seasons in the AHL and both have been pegged as potential top-6 talents since their draft. Both have a chance to put up some points for the Hawks, especially Pirri and Ben Smith's added tons more experience to his resume since the 2010-11 season, where he played a decent role in the playoffs.

It's simply a polar-opposite rookie class this year for the Hawks, on top of Chicago having far more proven/quality depth than they had at the start of the 2010-11 season.
We've had what, 2 rookies break 40 points as a rookie (not named Toews or Kane). Brouwer put up very similar numbers to Morin and scored 26 points as a rookie. Kruger was an excellet offensive player in the SEL and put up 26 points as a rookie. If you think Morin is going to put up 40+ points on the third line next year, you're crazy.

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