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Originally Posted by Illinihockey View Post
We've had what, 2 rookies break 40 points as a rookie (not named Toews or Kane). Brouwer put up very similar numbers to Morin and scored 26 points as a rookie. Kruger was an excellet offensive player in the SEL and put up 26 points as a rookie. If you think Morin is going to put up 40+ points on the third line next year, you're crazy.
I'm really not. Morin actually possesses above-average hockey sense, and quite a bit more talented offensively. If he gets some PP time, I'd be surprised if he didn't score 35+ points. And lets point something out, Stalberg didn't score 40 points from the third line last year - he was merely on pace to. Could he have? Sure. Could he have not? That seems more likely based on his playoff performance.

In total, Stalberg had 9 goals and 26 points in 66 games last year. That, despite Stalberg playing games in the playoffs that would supposedly enhance his effectiveness, because he could "breakthrough" or "expose" the trapping/defensive styles of the Wild, Wings, Kings and Bruins. That didn't happen.

The only thing Stalberg does better than Morin is skate. That's literally it. Everyone needs to stop pretending that Stalberg's speed made/broke how effective the third line was last year.

EDIT: As for the Brouwer point, he spent a large portion of the 08-09 season on the 4th line. If Morin manages 16 goals, spending a large chunk on the 4th line, I'd consider that a very good rookie season.

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