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Originally Posted by T-Funk View Post
You might want to read up on depression a little bit there bud because you apparently don't get it.

Or actually just read up on the Brule's father part because it wasn't just some kid refusing to do his laundry, it was his own father completely destroying his trust and stealing millions of dollars from him plus multiple other things that went wrong with that relationship.
With all due respect you are deferring entirely to Brules commentary in what is not an agreed statement of facts. That is your first erroneous assumption in this.

Next, you somehow conclude Brules father "completely destroying his trust" which reads about as dramatic as Brules expressed opinion in the article.

You then again assume with "stealing millions of dollars" which again is entirely unsubstantiated, is not at all an agreed statement of facts, and is only the stated opinion of an individual with a known mental health disorder.

So some weird assumptions above.

In anycase why would somebody intrust millions of bucks to another person, any person, and continue to do that when "trust was destroyed"?

I'll state as well that for most developmentally normal male adults "father knows best" starts dissipating as a notion as one enters adolescence if not before that. Indeed a hallmark of healthy adult individuality and normal development involves independent coping and not being "destroyed" by somebodies opinion or action.

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