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07-17-2013, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Salzig View Post
I think you underestimate the loyalty of German fans to their traditions. Germans care more about their team, their identity and history than for the level of competitiveness.

Look at Hannover, they got a DEL team (which has just sold its license to Schwenningen) but they already had a team in the 2nd tier league. (Hannover Indians).

Attendance in the las couple of years:

2009/10: Scorpions: 5.074 Indians: 3.040
2010/11: Scorpions: 4.353 Indians: 3.033
2011/12: Scorpions: 3.847 Indians: 3.015
2012/13: Scorpions: 3.114 Indians: 2.831

Sure, the Scorpions had more people to their games, but the difference isn't as big as it should be, if you're arguing that a better league draws a better crowd, too.

I don't think that any fanebase in the DEL would accept playing against teams far away which they have no history/rivalries with and would accept the fact that it's unreasonable expensive to go to away games.
You are bang on, sir. Hannover is ECH town suited for 3,000 fans at the "Pferdeturm".

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