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Originally Posted by T-Funk View Post
You have obviously made up your mind on the subject. If none of the alleged things occurred and he believed them to have occurred, then they will affect him just the same. For a person with depression, these events he may or may not have experienced might put him in a funk for a while. Like with many things, there are relapses, but once under control as he claims to have it he can probably function for a very long time without much trouble. "Normal" people can go through a depressive episode when pushed hard enough emotionally as well. I would argue that what he believes to have occurred is something that would make any person bad at their jobs/life for a while, much like a death or bad divorce.

I'm just going on the assumption that he's not lying about the situation whereas you are going on the assumption that he is.
I'm going on the assumption that there are not agreed statements of facts. The truth could lie somewhere, many places, in between. Your wording suggested that what Brule was stating was the fact, just the way you worded it. I was just correcting that.
I don't discount that Brules experience of this and perception of this would be painful. But I also don't discount that being so predisposed makes him a less than ideal candidate for competitive pro sports in which you have to endure, prevail, and cope with fierce opposition, barriers, and endless performance pressure. Brule is having trouble getting to the starting gate at this point several years into his pro career and at the age of 26.

He may salvage something out of his career and I hope so. But I'm OK with it not being here, this club usually has enough problems.

Lastly, Brule may end up exacerbating his problems by continuing to expose to a competive pro sports world of incredibly high stress. Many people with mental health conditions do try to persevere in very stressful careers and make their conditions far worse. I don't wish that on anybody either and have seen how painful it can be for friends, loved ones.

Sometimes acceptance, and finding manageable livelihood and means is the better way to go. just a comment.

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