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01-10-2004, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
I didn't see you mention Boucher at fault for the "collapse" in the NJ series? Was he? Of course not. I don't care if Boucher gave up 16 goals a game the next year, if the team wouldn't score for him, it wouldn't matter. Stats are misleading... the biggest key to making judgement calls are actually seeing the games. They have no statistics for "unstoppable shots" or "defensive breakdowns"... when a team plays poorly, focus shifts to the goaltenders because they're the ones the statistics fall on.
I saw virtually very game of those two seasons along with evey play-off game. Boucher's stats are no mirage. He did not give his team a chance to win, which is the primary role of a goalie. It wasn't unstoppable shots or defensive breakdowns, it was a bad goalie.

Originally Posted by capn89
About a "flash in the pan"... so what is he now? Two flashes in the pan? He's a good goaltender who, as Bob Clarke Fan Club stated, was ruined by "us." The pressure in Philadelphia (in all four of the major sports) is intense. The Flyers seems to have a history of throwing away players too soon. Ruslan Fedotenko was one of my favorites, and he's not a super star in Tampa right now, but he's doing a LOT better than the secondary players on this team. Why do we still have Gagne? He is injury prone, he is NOT scoring, his shooting % is ****, which means he is not a finisher. And I don't mean to single out Gagne, but the fact that Clarke gives up on young talent too fast in wrong cases, and keeps other young talent around too long. Another example, although not young talent, Cechmanek, he was kept in Philly one year too long... he should have been traded after his hissy fit in the Ottawa series... granted, he had a right, the team sucked... but it's a TEAM game, and it's not about one player any more than the other... just look at New Jersey.
Boucher is the same thing he was back for us: a guy who could string together some great runs. When on, he was/is great.

Like i said from the onset, it is the good goalies, the starting goalies, who perform like that over the course of months and not weeks.

Boucher has yet to do so. This may be his year, but up until now all he has is a couple good runs interspersed with prolonged periods of mediocrity.

He wasn't ruined by Philly, he was ruined by inconsistency.

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