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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
5)Or, did they authorize Bowers/Fischer to sign it? And would it be within the City Manager's powers to refuse to sign it?
Interim Manager Bowers did sign the Agreement, and I believe it was Dey acting on behalf of IceAz/RSE who signed it, witnessed by a Notary here in Vancouver of all places, then returned to Glendale (I guess this Dey guy is based in North Vancouver). Theres a pdf of it in the archives, maybe 2-3 threads back <<<<<<<<< thataway. Cant re-call the exact legal specifics or requirements, but RSE has until August 4th to close the sale with the NHL or the agreement is null & void.... so, assuming for a moment that for whatever reason they cant close by that date, Id guess it could be extended provided Glendales willing to do so, though not entirely sure. It could be that another vote would be required to do so, and as Councils on Summer Break, your guess as good as mine how that'd play out. Really, unless something major, some major obstacle surfaces, hard to imagine that it doesnt get done on or around the 4th.

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