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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Good post LG.

That's one thing the ''supporters'' (if we can call them that) of the bridge deal always leave out. The bridge deal wasn't something PK accepted, nor was it fair value. Nobody, unless they seriously know fak-all, can argue PK was only worth 5.75 on 2years. That is absolutely ridiculous.
Not only that, but to actually force this kid out when he clearly was right to question management's assessment of his value, is also nuts.

If PK actually wanted this deal, then I could turn face. But he didn't, and to force it on him was just dumb. As you said, we're lucky it didn't go too sour.
I don't see how anybody can support this move.

And the theory that it actually helped PK develop is garbage. That is questioning PK's character saying he wouldn't have battled as hard had he signed a more lucrative deal. If PK didn't battle as hard as he does during practices, if he gave up on playing after his team got eliminated and kept sucking, if his work ethics weren't irreproachable, then I could see why one would make this point. But PK is not like that. The kid never stops playing. You can just look at his draft interview about what he wants to bring to Mtl to see this kid is for damn real and his character shouldn't be put in question like this.
Also, if people want to speculate that way, then we can also speculate that there would have been vocal doubters about PK's deal had he signed a big one, and he would have wanted to shut them up.
This theory is a cop out imo.
Keith got 1.475M for four years at 23.
On the third year of his contract, he did 69 points.

The same year, Campbell started a contract at 7,142M.

So Campbell at 7.142M or Keith at 5.5M?

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