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Originally Posted by PSGJ View Post
Even with a complicated deal though, shouldn't a lot of the paperwork have been done before the council meeting?
The paperwork that is still to be done has to do with the sale (and the financing of the sale) of the Yotes from the NHL to IceArizona. Not so much to do with the council, except there may be something contingent on financing from either NHL or Fortress or both that they will not loan IceArizona the money to finalize the sale until they know the petition drive has failed and they have the arena lease/COG agreement set in stone.

It's kind of like when someone signs a contract to buy a house (they put in an offer and the offer is accepted by the seller) but then the actual closing isn't until a month later once it is known the money for the mortgage is there from the bank and all inspections are done and satisfactory.

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