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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
row 12 in 223 on the aisle is obstructed by the railing, right?
Yes. 223 Row 12 Seats 1 and 2 will be across the aisle from my old seats in 222. You don't want them, because although the leg room is very very ample, the hand-rail for the glass surrounding the portal will be in your line of sight, and in 223, that line of sight will be your view of the net the Rangers attack twice.

Here is a photo from across the aisle in my previous post:

I took that picture, and am 6'-5". If you are of average height, the obstruction will be worse, because it will be higher in your view-path. (That picture was taken from the second seat from the aisle.) If you can get Row 11, you are golden. (Personally checked the row 11 seats - the glass is below your line of sight, as is the handrail. It's at the knuckle in the aisle where the problem is.)


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