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07-17-2013, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by NLHabsFan View Post
I was against the 2 year bridge contract as soon as it was rumored. I was probably among the minority of wanting to give him 8 years right away (at a low cap hit), I believed in him. After it was signed the positive I took from it was that we could potentially lock him up for the equivalent of 10 years in a matter of months: 2 years contract in January and 8 year extension in July. But winning the Norris definitely raised his value over the last 6 months.
I agree with this. I didn't see the sense in a bridge contract when we had the opportunity to lock him up long term for the cheapest he'd ever be, but, at the same time, there's no reason it can't work out.

If they sign him to an 8 year extension, it will cover his 25 to 32 year old seasons (he'll turn 33 in the playoffs that year), so basically his entire physical prime. As such, regardless of his cap hit, he's not obviously going to be an anchor at any point (compared to guys whose contracts pay top dollar and last into their potentially waning years). Barring injuries, you basically know you'll be paying him for what he is, not for what he was. Then going into his 33 year old season, there's the potential then to reevaluate where he is and where he's going to decide what kind of contract he should get.

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