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07-17-2013, 06:24 PM
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The only teams that really move big time defenders are teams that are in a serious cap crunch(Pronger in Anaheim) or teams that are going into a rebuild and try to pick up as many assets as possible. Montreal doesn't fit those two criteria. Although, it should be very interesting to watch negotiations on that new contract of his, there was a lot of tension up there over his last one.

Now teams that are in the dumps and might be looking to rebuild. I would have to say Calgary for sure, Buffalo, Florida(although they are more an up and coming team supposedly) and watch Nashville. Nashville is by far the most interesting team out there. If they have another horrible year like last year, do they think about rebuilding? LET ME SAY THIS: I do not think they trade Weber, but if the team struggles again next year and then the next, you never know.

Victor Hedman might be another name to watch also. Tampa, if they don't turn it around there, might look to continue the mini re-build they are in. Buffalo might be the best place to get a young top notch defender(Myers) but now we have drafted three potential good top 4 defenders, we most likely would have to part with one to get him as well as a young center. I wouldn't feel comfortable about that price for him.

Also, another thing to watch for is negotiations with contracts. Like Weber last year, always keep an eye on how a team is treating the player. That caused a ton of problems when they low balled him in his arbitration case a few years ago. They weren't willing to spend the money. Basically just watch smaller market teams that run on internal budgets and keep a keen eye on their players.

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