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07-17-2013, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Spoken like someone who saw very few of the Bruins' playoff games, or at least wasn't watching very closely. If he didn't have the 4th highest amount of shots on their team, that'd be one thing. But he was, and if you go through all the play-by-play sheets you'll see that the majority of his shots on goal were well within 30-40 feet (i.e. good scoring areas). Considering the guy was a 14% shooter over the regular season, and that he still generated all those shots from scoring areas, I think it's more logical to conclude - having seen all the games or not - that it was just one of the more incredible examples of "snake-bitten" that the "common fan" of today can remember.

I also promise you that if you created a highlight clip of all the best saves/nearest misses for each goalie faced by the Bruins in the playoffs, you'd see Jagr featured numerous times. DJ Breadman is right to say that at some level the talent players are held accountable for their (lack of) production, but there are simply too many uninformed armchair pundits around here chalking it up to simply being unable to generate offense and/or produce offensively now that he's 40. Furthermore, there are also those among them expecting bigger things from Morrow, a 13-15 min/night player who generated a whopping 55 shots in 44 regular season games and 9 shots in 14 post season games this year on the Penguins, because he's younger, and think he's worth almost as much in terms of cap investment...
He wasn't a 14 percent shooter with the Bruins in the regular season,that stat is inflated from his time with Dallas.Sorry but I don't buy your argument.22 games without a single goal is too long a time period to classify someone as snakebit.It is not like he was playing with slugs either,he was on line 2 for the most part.I saw every game by the way,it was quite immature of you to suggest that I hadn't.

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