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07-17-2013, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Dude, you spent two years defending Bryzgalov tooth and nail and then latched onto Mason when it was clear Bryz's ship was sinking fast and he was a convenient out. It's not the first time you moved the goalposts when your position became untenable.

Edit: Oh, and you've never managed to explain how a team that is actually pretty decent at limiting chances and was average at worst in turnovers manages to be so much worse in net than many other goalies on teams who were worse defensively. The Flyers really weren't THAT bad on defense, it just looked worse because any mistake had a higher-than-normal chance of going in. That tends to happen when the starting goalie can't get himself to .900 until his last start of the season.

Maybe...just MAYBE...the crap goaltending isn't due to a host of things that all the stats show you're completely overblowing. MAYBE...just maybe...the crap goaltending was due to having a crap goaltender.
It's a team sport. We seem to have lost a couple of good goalies around here for one reason or another. His save perc. wasn't great here but as you watch a lot of hockey I'm sure, you know how inconsistent goalies are. especially when moving from team to team. His contract sucked but he is a really good goalie who had a slightly above average run with the team he played for in philly. the team being the mess that it was. we needed him to win or be in contention for a vezina every year to justify that contract which was imo impossible on this team. And don't give me bob just needed five more seconds to develop. We have a season coming up that will explain a lot about whether this offensive system executed properly is capable of overcoming any defensive compromises that might be made to implement it. We'll also learn a lot more about Mason. I obviously agree with bernie that it wasn't goaltending that did us in these last two years. i can understand how'd you think that tho staring at that save percentage the way you do.

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