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Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post
The difference between other governments (Cities, states, provinces) subsidizing a pro sports franchise and Glendale is that Glendale is broke. No wait, they are deeper than broke, they are 6' below their heads broke.

Now, if they weren't talking about cutting civil services, then sure, go for it, spend spend spend. BUT they are, the lack of concern on that front really concerns me, it goes to show how little the people there care for their well being.

What's next? A hospital or two close down to make the payments? Yikes.
Nah they will just foreclose on City Hall... but hey if it is worth it to 11-12,000 die hards to watch some millionaires bat a rubber disc around frozen water... take the hospitals too...

Speaking as an Oiler fan... if the choice was between city services and my hockey team... I am remembering fondly my days watching the club... and taking solace in the FD being able to get to me before I burn to death... no competition no question

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