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07-17-2013, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by CorpseFX View Post
if there is no improvement in the standings or pushing for a playoff spot = fail, as in F.

we've known the holes on this team for multiple seasons. they've been either filled with subpar mud or have let "good canadian boys" have roles they can't handle.

F for talking bold. shut your mouth and just get the job done.
After all the complaining that was done around here about Tambo being tight lipped and never doing anything, this is what its come to.

Some people are just going to be unhappy with everything I guess. MacT has arguably done more in two months than Tambo did in 5 years. And we're going to crucify him for him being upfront to the fans and media for saying he wanted to make some bold changes? It's not like he's been quiet, he or Howson was harassing Holmgren all draft day, he's trying to get **** done.

I'm happy with MacT so far, not at all what I was expecting from him as a GM.

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