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Originally Posted by RussianRangersFan View Post
Harden+Howard > Tyson+Melo imo and by a good margin.
Over the last two years Tyson's been the better defensive player and more efficient on offense. Dwight has the numbers but Tyson is CRIMINALLY underrated, just like Marc Gasol (who's a similar player.)

Harden's probably better than Melo now (largely due to age) but they're very similar players.

It's not nearly a significant enough margin for the Rockets to be legitimate title contenders and the Knicks not to be. Nowhere near enough for Houston to be a legit title contender and the Knicks not to be without Dwight shedding his injuries and becoming the player he was 3 years ago. Definitely possible, but I can't say probable- especially since Howard cried about playing with Kobe when Harden is a very similar player when it comes to "give me the ball, i'll score."

Island of misfit toys? Prigioni, K-Mart, Shump, and Artest are comparable to, if not better, than the Rockets supporting cast.

And then, you talk about how awful the Knicks contracts are...yet again fail to realize we'll have no contracts and be able to do exactly what Houston did.

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