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10-30-2006, 02:29 PM
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According to Me, TSN Talks out of it's "You Know What"

First of all. The beginning of the season they said the habs and TO wouldn't even be serious contenders. That TO would place 11th and MTL would place 12th.

A) RayCroft is a good goalie and a team with 20mil defense and RayCroft won't place less then 10th. Infact I'm pretty sure TO is securing 8th this season an Montreal probably 6th.

B) I know it's still the start of the season but we haven't been playing easy teams.

C) Boston is a free 8 wins (practically, especially since Huet is 8/9 against Boston).

Second of all. They always say "Huet will play in nets tonight" or "Samsanov will be on the 4th line"

A) Samsanov was on the 3rd line that night not 4th.

B) Like 75% of the time now when they say a habs goalie will be in nets, it's the other goalie.

Come on guys. Get your facts straight or don't post them at all. (Referring to TSN)
Don't form opinions on teams based on bias.

I know there can be last minute decisions with goaltending. But it just seems like everytime I read on TSN huet is in nets, it's Abeischer. But everytime I read Abiescher will be in nets, it's Huet.

So bottom line:

Are the Habs changing goaltending decisions right before the game nearly every game? Or is TSN getting wrong info.

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