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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Simple! It is my belief that government, local, State or federal is not empowered to make the kinds of decisions the COG have made on behalf of their citizenry. Government was not created to be an arbitrator or bidder of the taxpayers dollars. In this particular instance, like the present Federal government, they are overstepping their constitutional rights with $$ that is the peoples. Sure, you could make the argument that the people voted these incompetents into office, however, a look at the % of Glendale citizens who actually voted, it points to low representation and low information voters. I do not believe , if given the facts, that many people would support the ongoing boneheaded decisions that have been made by this group.

I believe in limited government, and this is the antithesis of such. Glendale has mismanaged its business in such a way as to be likely irreversible, the consequences are dire. How, does a well informed citizenship vote to squash Police and Fire budgets in favor of supporting out of state entrepreneurs? They have purchased homes in my city, not Glendale, and from the looks of things have no intention of staying beyond five years. Count me as one of the skeptical, I do not believe the city made the right choice when voting to approve the AMF and its other features designed to rob the city of its assets.
Governments have taxing and spending authority. Citizens have the right to vote out whoever they disagree with. Some states, Arizona included, give citizens the right to overturn actions by their legislature via referendum. So at this point its up to the citizens of Glendale to sign the petitions. I really wish I knew PKP. Give me a month and I could organize the drive to get enough signatures.

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