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Originally Posted by MN14 View Post
Not sure where you were going with this, and I certainly haven't played PRO hockey, but I'll tell ya it's a lot scarier on the ice with a nutcase who just might have a screw loose and will jump you through a crowd (Carcillo) than it is with a big boy who is too respectful to do so (Clifford, Nolan) fighting skill aside.

People mostly started brushing off Clifford and Nolan. Carcillo won't let you decline if you're dicking around. As someone mentioned earlier, after Bolland/Torres incidents, I would have killed for someone like that. Just imo.
I agree with you. I was referring to the guy who said Carcillo won't intimidate anyone. I've played rep hockey all my life including Juniors, and trust me, when you know the other team has a tough guy in the lineup, you definitely think twice before doing something stupid. It doesn't matter if he's on the ice at that exact time, because there is always going to be another shift, another game, or another season when you will have to face them again. Hockey teams are like a brotherhood, and they don't forget things very easy. Especially cheap shots.

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