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07-17-2013, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
Islander fans may not like to admit it, but there is a very real chance that we'll miss the playoffs. At the very least, Isles will have a bit of a struggle ahead of them. I think the offense will be fine, mainly because I believe Okposo and Bailey will take steps forward and I think there are a few others (like Grabner) who could contribute more.

The defense is marginal though. The top 3 are OK, but we don't have a #4 dman and we are still too small and soft.

And, goaltending is meh at best.

A winger for Tavares would be great, but should be real low on the priorities.

As for the Vanek stuff, I'm sure we're going to see these proposals from Buffalo fans with the same obsessive zeal that Nuck fans pushed Ballard, Leaf fans pushed Komisarek, etc. Obviously, Buffalo is a rebuilding team and cashing in a impending UFA on young assets would be in their best interests. So, Sabre fans will look at Isles, see tons of cap space, a need for a high level winger, and *BINGO* - weekly Vanek proposals.

The problem is that Vanek is looking at a huge payday. I don't think any of the guys who signed this summer are at his level, and they got 5+ million with loooooooong term deals. Its not hard to project Vanek at 7+ million and six or seven years. And, the chances of him getting that on the Island are nil. So, he would definitely be a rental, and that is not worth major assets.

I also think there are few games being played by Sabre fans in this thread. Vanek, at 29, is described as "twenty something" whereas a 25 YO Okposo is practically washed up. And, then there is the inevitable "First round picks are not important" stuff when any Sabre fan would scream if Reiger moved first rounders. First round picks are always unimportant when it is the other team giving them up!

The aspects of this thread I do agree with are 1) Vanek is a stud winger - regardless of whether or not you see him as top 10, he is an elite scorer. 2) If conditions were right (and, again, they are not) he'd be a huge pickup for a team like the Isles.
I mostly agree-I see nothing to be had between our teams here and understand the reluctance on all ends though I have to say I wanted to stop reading when I saw you put Vanek in the same sentence as Komisarek and Ballard...I mean really dude?

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