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07-18-2013, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by DJN21 View Post
Nash is nearly identical to Vanek stat wise. Vanek is better than Kessel and I have argued with stats that Vanek is better in the past. I wont do so again I'll just let u have that one for the sake of laziness.

Relying on plus minus for making a case for Voracek is laughable. Vanek has a better shot and is better at what he does i.e hand-eye front of the net play. He is also likely better in a shootout though that doesnt mean much. To say Voracek is better physically is moot voracek gets like 10 more hits a year and doesnt play the same aforementioned front of the net style as Vanek. At best they are equal that was a dumb thing to bring up no offense.

As purely scorers(which they are) we should compare them A. based on what teams they have played for 08 onward and B. their shooting tells a lot more
Your fellow Sabres fan brought up plus/minus, and its actually a very telling stat for forwards. Neither really had the edge. Vanek has a higher career shooting%, but Voracek had a higher shooting% this year. Despite Sabres fan's beliefs, Vanek has actually had a better supporting cast since 2008. At least Vanek had Pominville, while Voracek has only enjoyed 2 years of Giroux. Vanek also entered the NHL after playing 2 years of college and in the AHL for a season, whereas Voracek jumped right from junior to the NHL. I didn't originally factor in age and contract, but if I had, Voracek is the easy choice.

Edit: I also wouldn't define Voracek as a pure scorer. He has much more playmaking ability than Vanek.

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