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Originally Posted by dire wolf View Post
I could see Seattle. And it's so close to Vancouver, it could be a god rivalry. The Seattle metro area is also substantially bigger than the other cities you mention (close to 4 million, while the others hover closer to 2 million).

On the other hand, Seattle couldn't even keep their NBA team, and has previously lost a baseball team. Also, the Thunderbirds are one of the lowest drawing teams in the WHL (see despite being the biggest, or one of the biggest, cities in the league.

Living in seattle....that wasnt the case.

The league got involved and blocked the Seattle taking Sacramento but they didnt do the same thing when the owner took the team to Oklahoma city.

The baseball team was hijacked....thus a team was promised to be returned.

As for the attendance---

The seattle team ACTUALLY DOES NOT play in seattle. They instead play in a suburb in Kent at a small arena of seating capacity of about 6,000 (8,000 for a concert with floor seating). The team this year utterly sucked---yeah you will have a correlation between attendance and quality of the team. Besides hockey this arena does smaller draw concerts or kids things like disney on ice.

games during the weak dont draw as many fans as weekend games because of traffic. going from Seattle to Kent is with the rush hour traffic thus a long drive.

Having an arena in the downtown area near the staduims actually is easier to get to because you are going against the rush hour flow out of seattle.

Everett is to the north of Seattle about the same distance Kent is to the south so the teams are pulling off the same fan base. Kent is closer to the population center of the Seattle metro area.

Seattle and Portland gets feed of Vancouver games through comcast sports network NW where they pick up game feeds from Vancouver local network. Seattle gets CBC.

Seattle has an established Hockey fan base. A good number go up to see games in Vancouver.

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