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07-18-2013, 03:33 AM
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I think it's a valid point about Nick Schultz... he was always considered as a rock solid defensive pillar back on defense and then he comes to Edmonton and it all turns to crap... especially last year under Krueger.

Either Nick Schultz almost instantly lost his mojo... OR he was shackled with a rookie and playing under a somewhat inept system developed by a rookie head coach.

Personally I believe it's more of the latter than the former and I think Schultz is basically as good as Smid when all is said and done.

Most of us want to trade Nick away for a half box of hockey tape but I think he will rebound when he doesn't have to babysit a rookie for a full season and has a coach who uses a little more logic in his gameplan. Of course Eakins is a rookie HC in the NHL as well so there will be a learning curve there as well... only time will tell I guess on how the players respond to Eakins and his methods.

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