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07-18-2013, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by maplepred View Post
Grabo still gets laid from leafs, therefore he can take less money as he is still going to get a serious paycheque this season with the two combined.

I can't imagine him signing for more than 4 million, as he was bought out and cleared waivers for 5.5

I know I would rather have grabo than Cullen, but if leggy can play wing as mentioned above, we could afford to bring in grabo!
haha Freudian slip?

or are you implying that the leafs are getting ****ed by Grabo??

and I agree with you but at the same time he must be asking for more than anyone is willing to pay right now or he'd already be signed.. I dont think the honeymoon is an excuse.. there are only a limited number of teams with the cap space to accomodate him and if he piddles around too long teams may seek other options. If we could sign him for 4 or less I'd be ecstatic, and of course that would be the end of Spaling and Smith for sure, which suits me just fine

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