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07-18-2013, 09:27 AM
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Markov: A lot will depend on his mindset and his health. I have no doubt MB will make him a one year offer (and I don't think it will be much less than his current deal in terms of AVV, no less than $5M...his agent will bring Streit deal up as a comparable).
But the question is does Markov accept it. Markov might look at this as his last time to cash in on a deal and look around the league for a team will to give him a 3-4 year in the $5.5M-$6M a year range. Again looking at what Streit got...heck it could be the Flyers looking to replace KT. Also Markov might be thinking about playing a year or two back home before retiring, so if that was the case, and he feels his health is not going to allow him to play another 4-5 years of pro hockey, might see this as the time to go to the KHL.
I would guess Markov already might know his future plans, but I'm sure he won't commit to anything til after the season is over.

Gionta: As much as I like him, the writting is on the wall about his departure next year. Again he is a good enough player to warrant a contract in the $4.5M-$5M a year range (probably not a long term deal...two years seems right), and that just doesn't seem to fit into Montreal's future plans. This upcoming season is gonna let a lot of teams know weather he is an injury plagued 15-20 goal man in limited games, or could still be a 30 goal a year guy.
I would guess Gionta plays out the year and weights his non-Montreal options during the off-season.

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