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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
I would submit the reasons for purchasing homes in Scottsdale is due to legacy. Most of the players an staff have homes there. There original practice facility (Alltel Ice Den) is in Scottsdale. It would make more sense (from a logistical standpoint) for an owner to reside near that, than live remotely on the other side of town. To me that has more impact than giving posters another reason to slam Glendale.

Since you have been adamant on several occasions that the location of the arena should have been somewhere in the east... as in Scottsdale, I'm curious as to your opinion as to why Scottsdale's city council went against Ellman's Los Arcos project when it appeared that the citizens of Scottsdale reportedly voted twice to approve the tax incentives needed to build it.??

I never followed the saga over there to great detail, but on the surface it looks like we had a city government act 180 degrees against the will of its constituents here??
Really can`t tell you why the Scottsdale Council voted down the Los Arcos arena! Perhaps they knew something about Ellman and/or hockey in the desert that was not conducive to a positive financial outcome for the city. May also have had something to do with not wanting to bring that type of business into Scottsdale. In retrospect, the decision, right or wrong, has not lead the city to the brink of BK. The city of Glendale and their boneheaded administrators, mayor and Council have made one poor decision after another, leaving the city and its taxpayers in a bad spot. I submit that had the Council elected to not subsidize this hockey team and allowed them to leave that the city would be in a far better place than they are today and where they may be 5 years from now.

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