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07-18-2013, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Chelios View Post
See this is what I have an issue with. Tavares simply has not done anything thus far in his career to suggest he will be any better than Toews or Kane. Nothing. That has been illustrated pretty clearly when looking at their point totals, points in their 1st 4 seasons, and points in their most recent 2-3 seasons. Not only have Toews and Kane produced just as well as Tavares offensively, no matter how you want to parse the stats, they have shown they can do so in the playoffs and have 2 cups and 2 Conn Smythes to show for it (1 of which came before the age that Tavares is now). Taking him going forward simply cannot be grounded in what each of them has accomplished in their careers thus far, and can only be attributed to subjective feelings and/or make belief scenarios where he would have produced more. That is all fine, and no doubt there would be some voting on this poll that would vote for Tavares for those reasons (whether they admit it or not is another thing all together), but for him to be not just winning this poll, but running away with it is absolutely ludicrous.
omg get over it pal, its an opinion based thread. I'd rather have Tavares going forward.. you're not going to change MY opinion.

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