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07-18-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Stolarz said no to Windsor and yes to London.
This "well one team, if they drafted him, wanted him to come here" but since they didnt......
Warren wanted to land him in Windsor and couldn't get it done.
Not really a tough choice for Stolarz, IMO

Import draft- fail again. Cry about liars if ya want but maybe just maybe there's a bit of arrogance leading the show in Windsor. Figuring they'd get it fine no matter the obvious hurdles that were in place. It's all about calculated risks- regardless of what you think will happen-they took one- bad choice - again.

Glad you are happy thou that Windsor didnt get the Cup lol. That makes no sense the way you rationalize it, cause we split 1/20th of the profit. I'm sure the city and org would benefit much more from hosting it but hey, whatever...,,
We already know Hunter never failed at the import draft

Vladdy Roth
Adam Hasani
Alex Ivanov
Mathis Olimb
Ivan Khomutov
Vadim Karaga

I am shocked such a hard working GM like Mark Hunter would select such players in the import draft. Unless you're willing to categorize those as FAILS!!!

He must have forgotten to work hard those times around.

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