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07-18-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Not to really dispute your main point, but not one of us (well, maybe TG) knows if anyone was offered the position or not before Blake was.

Think about it. Hextall steps down and goes straight to Philadelphia, and then 24 hours later Blake is in as Asst. GM

Doesn't that all seem a little to perfect for you all?

I'd wager Hextall told DL/the Kings that at some point he wants to be a GM in the league, and he fully knows (and respects) that it won't be in LA, considering DL just won a cup and lead LA back to the 3rd round of the playoffs this year. So instead of signing a contract extension in LA, he told the Kings he's moving on and gave DL time to find a replacement.

Once DL found Blake, Hextall moved on and Blake came in.

So this could have been in the works for months. Heck maybe even as far back as last year when LA won the cup. the writing was on the wall after that that DL was basically guaranteed to be LA's GM for the next 3-5 years after that moment alone.

As such, odds are DL did do a lengthy search, or at least spoke with those in his core he respects/trusts (Futa would likely have been in the first handful of people he spoke to) and it was decided Futa would stay where he is.

Really, until someone comes up with an article or link of some sort that says DL ignored others in the organization and went straight to Blake, all this nonsense about DL screwing over Futa, etc. is all a bunch of BS. There is no proof whatsoever that says DL didn't speak to those guys first. It's just the negative nancy's on here jumping immediately to the bad conclusion that somehow DL's head imploded and he forgot all about how he's handled things around here the past seven years (which has mostly been proven to be the correct way).
If it wasn't for Hextall saying in his recent interview that he was approached by Homer at the draft about the possibility of returning to the Flyers and that it was done on a gut feeling, yeah sure.

None of us know the timeline or who was offered what, I simply said that there are better candidates than Blake within the organization. Maybe Dean talked to all of them, maybe he spoke to none of them. I find it hard to believe that with the number of possibilities within the organization that not a single one of them wanted the job, that's all.

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