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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
Duncan Keith. (Although this type of contract is no longer allowed, it takes him from the year he won the Norris until he is 40 years old)

Who cares about other teams. A lot of us discussed signing PK long term before he got his bridge contract. I based a 6 year deal on the fact that PK would one day be a Norris finalist and possibly even winning it. To a lot of our surprise, he won it this year. I also added that after he finishes his 6 year deal, the Habs would sign him to a contract of 8 years, thus taking him to the end of his career and having a low salary in the later years, keeping his cap hit at around the 5.75 million per that I calculated for the 6 year contract.

Seriously you don't quite get it. A lot of players are on Cap Hit discounts. Look at Crosby. He should have a cap hit of 12 million, in respect to him being arguably the best player in the NHL, but he is happy with making an average of 8.7 million.

Any team takes a risk signing any player long term, but not many players in the NHL are special like PK. I don't understand how MB could be so naive to think that the bridge deal was the best way going forward for the Habs. And before anyone says "MB knows better, he is the GM" well this part of hockey isn't hockey, it's business. In my opinion, this was a huge blunder on his part.

The problem with this next contract is that it takes him into his prime. Now that he won the Norris, if he gets an 8 year extension, it takes him from 25-33 years old. He no longer has a year of salary that would be under 6 million. At 32, he is in decline, but not that much. Maybe bring it down to 4 million? He made his job a lot more difficult.

Again it all comes down to this being a message board where people come to discuss all things related to the Habs. I do not think that bridge deal in any way factored into the results of last year and I will continue to plead my case.
Duncan Keith is being paid 5.5M per season on a 10 years + contract. That's more of a loophole in the old CBA than a "5 years, 5M per contract" that everyone is talking about.

Several of you guys might have thought it was better to give Subban a long-term contract right away. Color me surprised. You hide behind a message board, where people say things that have no impact whatsoever on their team's performance.

You look around and see guys like Tyler Myers who was signed to a huge contract, and you think you have to be careful with "young d-men showing promise"... Especially when the said d-man is known for his offensive game more than anything, and that he only put on 38 and 36 points seasons so far.

You comparing Subban's situation to Subban is just all that more ridiculous. It has absolutely nothing to do with taking the risk of signing an unproven asset to a 6 years deal in the 5M range.

Look around the league, and tell me how much of a discount Chara was. How much of a discount Lidstrom was. How much of a discount Doughty is. How much of a discount Ryan Suter is. How much of a discount a guy like Shea Weber is.

Stop acting all high and mighty. Nobody could say Subban was a sure thing to win the Norris. It was still highly speculative. Truth is, whenever your player is worth it, you have no problem paying full-price. The problem is, and always has been, paying guys like Gionta and Gorges to long-term, expensive contracts when they're guys you can easily replace on your team.

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