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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
I defended it because nobody except the league and the organization knows what they did. This goes back to my long standing comment that the league needs more/better transparency. Windsor needs to accept their medicine but when the league reduces the penalties on a franchise and the franchise won't appeal the penalties then it looks poor upon the league on jumping the gun and making a rush to judgment.

Trust me this stuff with McCarron is no different on how I felt when Kitchener got Matt Lashoff when the Soo traded his rights and almost immediately like magic he reported to the Rangers.

I believe the OHL is the most crooked professional sports organization going, even worse than the steroid scandal in baseball but at that time there were no rules against it. The problem is Branch is trying to clean it up but has done an absolutely horrendous job of it. I said at that time Windsor would be the only OHL team penalized by this, not because they are the only team that does it but Branch needed to make an example of a team to show GMs and governors that these rules have teeth. When you still have a player like Domi picking his destination Branch looks like a horrible commissioner but since the Knights had to move draft picks to get him it makes things fine.

So if you believe the Hunter's are doing this as well why are you so critical of Windsor since they get caught. So you come from the school if you're not cheating you're not trying but will criticize others for those thoughts?
Thank you for your response.

Your earlier comments paint somewhat of a different picture. See "Official Windsor Spitfires 2012-2013 Thread (Part 3):

Rayzor is Dull wrote: "Bingo and recruiting is a dirty game. Some people will go in the pit and get dirty others will watch and blow the whistle". (Aug. 10, 2012, 12:26pm, post #261)

Rayzor is Dull wrote: [in response to a poster who replied to you, "Defending the indefensible?"]
"No it's just the way it is. John Calipari cheats and wins and doesn't get caught in college basketball. It happens and Windsor still won 2 Cups no big deal". (ibid, post #265)

Then consider your statement, quoted only in part here....(but it wouldn't help your cause to quote the entire comment).

Rayzor is Dull wrote: "...this will open the door for top prospects to spurn the OHL and go to the NCAA".

These quotes seem to support your defense of Windsor's tactics. I wasn't doing any criticizing in my previous post, just asking for clarification because your position seemed rather hypocritical to me as is evidenced by the citations above.
You asked about my own thoughts on Hunter's tactics. I didn't say that they were cheating at all. Are they? I don't know. I will say this...IF London is in violation of any league rules, then the organization is deserving of punishment. As of today, they haven't been charged with any wrongdoing.

To say "it happens" or "that's just the way it is" or "no big deal" implies acceptance of the wrong doing, or at least toleration, rather than condemnation.

Perhaps the current league rules allow a team like London to enjoy certain advantages. As a partial observer, I'm ok with that! I mentioned in my previous post what teams like Sudbury, Kingston, etc... can do about it. Take flyers too in later rounds, then ransom them to the Knights for high draft picks and/or a roster player.

Given your previous comments, I was surprised that you'd criticize the Hunters' tactics while considering Windsor's violations "no big deal", "just the way it is".

In any case, thanks for the clarification.

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