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Originally Posted by SephF View Post
That drives me absolutely insane, couple that with the fact that there's an intersection every 8 blocks with red lights, and those trucks take FOREVER to get up to speed from a full stop.... It takes so long to drive the yellowhead because of that.
Yeah, its annoying behavior and basically antisocial behavior. Truckers weren't always like this. But truckers on preordained tight schedules are now more and more like this. Compounded is that yellowhead was stupidly devised with left hand, left lane turnouts at different locations along the route and still has multiple intersections and so some truckers have to be in the left lane for awhile on Yellowhead.

For a trucker an equally frustrating behavior is trying to get in the left lane for their exit, to have their left blinker on for 3 miles, and drivers immune to it whizzing past like its a racetrack. This being one reason why truckers often select their lane position miles before a required turn.

So sharing roadway works both ways. Most drivers never even think about the latter. They think slow truck=enemy and drive accordingly oblivious to any lane shift the trucker needs to do. If more people drove trucks or pulled trailers they might have more awareness.

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