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07-18-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by QuizGuy66 View Post
I'd pick one of the other countries in that league rather than Russia to do that

As to the original question. Parise will be booed the whole game, no doubt. It'll be a once per year tradition but will probably fade to intros after a couple years.

Clarkson will probably get a meh/mixed reaction - small amount of boos but really that one felt like a mutual foregone conclusion. Like an intro boo followed by nothing - well if he scores he'll get booed. But most fans agree he wasn't worth even what Toronto paid him.

The dog and pony show that Parise did just to leverage more $ with Minnesota is what gets me.

As for Kovalchuk - take all of the Gary Bettman boos combined and multiply them by 10 and that's what that guy would get if he ever darkened our door again.

I think you should multiply that number by more

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