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07-18-2013, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Superstar Treatment View Post
Preface this by saying I'm the most laid back guy ever, never even react to cheap shots unless someone is really trying to injure me.

That being said, I actually got angry the other day. Was filling in for a team, we only had five and a goalie. And to truly convey how bad the goalie is all I can really say is that he went out and bought a pro level pair of pads, that he tapes on.

So a goal before the mercy rule the other team calls a timeout. There was no chippiness, I will admit that these guys weren't very good so their eyes lit up against this goalie, shooting from places they wouldn't have normally. To me, this is the most ******* thing you can do. So I said something about it. After play started some dude takes a slapshot at me. So I block it, he gets the puck back, does it again. This is, obviously, when keeping it real went wrong for him. I returned the favor. Game got called, his ankle is probably done.

Dick move by me? Definitely. But I guess I can justify it by not throwing the first stone.
If someone took two blatant slapshots at me in a game a goal away from the mercy rule, the last thing I would worry about is his well-being after I fired one back and I certainly wouldn't feel like a dick. I'd say well done, all things considered.

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