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01-10-2004, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
So even though Boucher was playing terribly, because he had play-off success 2 years back he should have started? Come on, that makes no sense. Regardless, goaltending wasn't the reason we lost against Ottawa.

Boucher was given ample opportunity to take the starting job and failed. I honestly can't see how anybody who watched him here can say otherwise.

Agree to disagree.

I love how people forget just what we did accomplish that year. People make it out like the Flyers were some great juggernaut until Lindros returned to sink the ship.

Take an honest look back at the series.

We beat the 8th seat Sabres. That isn't noteworthy, a 2nd seat bumping off the 7th seat is expected. Especially when that 7th seat is missing their #2 d-man for the series, lost their #1 d-man to suspension, and had their #1 center playing well below par due to illness. Even then, had LeClair's through-the-net goal been called back, it could have gone either way. We beat a battered 7th seat in a hard fought battle. We get credit for not choking, but it isn't like we knocked off a top opponent.

Then who did we face? The 7th seat Pens. Normally when the 2nd seat faces the 7th/8th seat teams, they are expected to crush them. We scraped by. Had the Pens scored that OT goal and not us, it too could have been a different series.

Then we faced the Devils. The first quality opponent of the post-season. Brodeur laid a couple stinkers early in the series, putting the Devils down 3-1. After that, the Flyers mailed in their effort. All the fire was gone. Rather than give any accountability to the players that decided to quit, the blame goes to Lindros instead. I would give that theory some degree of validity, if it wasn't for the fact that those same players that quit in 00, did so again in 01 against the Sabres, again in 02 against the Sens and yet again in 03. When the same stunt is pulled year after year, stop looking for scape goats and try putting some accountability on the ones pissing away their chances.

Some of us don't blame Lindros and are also of the "opinion" that the Flyers were beaten by better teams...rather than just laying blame on a few "quitters."

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