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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
You don't understand because you make assumptions and jump to conclusions, read stuff between the lines that's not there. Here's why:
No, I don't understand because that reasoning makes no sense at all to me.
PK was a great player already, he was effectively shutting down opponents as our #1 Dman, even on a last place team he very encouraging stats. Based on this alone, I don't understand why anybody would not want to lock him up to a long term deal. In any event, bridge deal or not, him making a tad more over Emelin is ridiculous.
Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
I dare say that both Max Pacioretty and Carey Price, AT THAT TIME, were perceived as top prospects. Price, as a matter of fact, was in the exact same boat as PK, having made the All-Star team and taking over the number one goaltender's spot in Montreal. Fact. Comparing White and Gallagher is a lame attempt at ridicule, which any reasonable person would easily read through as smoke.
Really? That's your argument? They were perceived as top prospects?
MaxPac had yet to play a full season, and almost ended his career. That's comparable to you?
Price was given the number #1 role when we moved Huet. His All-Star appearance came the same year Komisarek got one, need I remind you why?
Also, he lost that #1 role to Halak the year his ELC ended, Halak was moved in the off season so Carey was once again given the #1 spot. He finished the year sitting playing half a season without earning 15 wins. But ya, totally comparable to PK..

And as you said yourself, you could still consider those guys PROSPECTS. PK was our #1 Dman, that wasn't going to change, there was no question mark about whether or not he could handle the load, he had already proven himself capable of it.

By the way, those are facts, not an opinion.

The ridicule in comparing White to Gallagher was the whole point. I even said so myself. It's the same thing, just to much higher degree.

You also completely ignored the fact it was under a previous administration.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Never said that he would, but I did say that he could. Big difference between the W and the C in this case. If you say that he couldn't, it's just as ridiculous as someone claiming that he would. Can't predict the future, as proven by the Sabres and the Canes. Oh and you forgot to address the fights in practice, by the way.
Sure he could, I also think he couldn't. The difference between you and I is that I actually base my opinion on PK's history. You decide to pay more attention to other guys and say ''hey, it happened to them! It could happen to PK!'', but you completely disregard PK's character.

Again, you completely ignored the facts about his personality and character I've brought forth.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
That's your opinion, not facts, which you don't seem to be able to differentiate. I feel it's a good deal. Who's right? I also remember when people were saying that Plekanec would leave after going through arbitration... where is he now? The fact is that no one knows what Subban's true intentions are. What we know is that he has always said, including in a recent interview, that he wants to play his entire career in Montreal. Fact.
Really Habsterix? A 2.8M for an effective #1 Dman in all zones is just a good deal...
Plekanec going through arbitration is not at all similar, and I never thought Plekanec would love due to it.

You have damn hockey blog, you know damn well you don't need to be a freaking genius insider to realize it was a lowball deal, and locking out a player for contractual dispute is never good.
Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Kriss, Kriss, Kriss... you are exposing yourself here. Don't you know the bargaining power that a first round pick, 3rd overall holds on a team for their entry level deals? Do yourself a favour and check the cap hit of the top 3-5 picks in the last few years for their entry level contracts and come back to compare apples with apples, and leave the oranges out. And you didn't address the precedent setting I was referring to, specifically with the Galchenyuk example. Unlike you, Bergevin is managing a true team and he's thinking further than his own nose.
No I'm not. I'm fully aware of the difference, but the point still stands. PK is making peanuts for what he brings.
As for the precedent, I did. These kids are advised by agents, if the agents feel it's really not in their client's best interest to sign a cheap bridge deal, then we could go through another dispute.
I also think making every player go through the same process is incredibly moronic because not all of them are the same, and when guys like PK, who have such an impact on the team right away are willing to sign at a discounted price for a long term, you do it. It will only help.

Bergevin might change his little view once PK makes him crack open the vault.
Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
That's once again your opinion, not necessarily the truth. You're also going on hindsight, knowing today that the Habs didn't use that cap space last year. I'm going on facts (based on the time frame given) for the thinking process. Time will tell.
No, it's not hindsight. We had the cap space, compliance buy outs were already confirmed.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Again, your opinion which you seem to mistake for the facts, the reality. You're entitled to it, but don't take it to the bank as you won't get anything for it. I've specifically spoken highly in the article of the credit due to Subban. I'm certainly not downplaying (or worse, disliking) the guy. But contrarily to you and a few others here, I can see that management was/is working on instating a team concept which includes star and role players, where everyone must buy in. Not at the detriment of the star players as some of you claim, but for the best of the organization, the franchise, where the logo in front is more important than the name and number in the back of those jerseys. I can't say that I disagree.
I'm not mistaking my opinion for a fact, I just strongly disagree with any of the points that supposedly back up MB's decision.

That's all good, it's all about the logo. Still doesn't make not signing your star Dman to a longer cheaper deal a better idea.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Yes, I can speculate as much as you do when talking about the way it was handled internally by the Habs, you're right. We simply don't come to the same conclusion, with the exception of the fact that he'll cost more now, as I've addressed in the article (did you miss it?).

You are jumping to a conclusion without looking (or by downplaying) other factors. That's what compelled me to put everything together, including history. Not saying that you're wrong, but I don't feel that I am either.
Not jumping to any conclusion. Contractual disputes have lead to trades before, fact.
PK is worth a lot more than the contract he signed, fact, no not an opinion, just look up the rest of the #1 Dman of the league and make an average.
PK will cost us a lot more now. Fact.

Bergevin setting a precedent and will actually stick to it. Assumption.

I'm not the one inventing anything. We differ in opinion, that's all.

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