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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
LOL? I am actually giving of the doubt to the management here, since signing a guy to a long-term contract at high salaries is something that requires a lot of reflexion upon. You are the ones who act like it was a no-brainer at the time.

Reality is, we chose the safe approach. So stop acting like you're living in a totally different world, and like you're a tough, innovative guy while hiding behind a message board. While being on charge, your decisions actually have a huge impact. And if the worst consequence is paying a Norris trophy winner what he's worth, then we've got problems way worst than that. Especially when where the management reportedly "failed", is by refusing to give an offensive d-man a long-term, over 5M/per deal when his best seasons were around 36/38 points. THAT is not proven value. Giving him over 5 would have been a bet.

You're also the one who brought Crosby into the equation to compare his discount (a self-assumed, voluntary discount while being the best player in the world) to Subban's (a guy who would,ve been paid 5M+ before even doing anything worthy of it).

By the way, it's spelled "Lidstrom", not Lindstrom. Learn how to spell the name of some players before you claim being right on all the line and how you would've took a better decision than Bergevin on that one. This is cute actually. I'd like to be able to lie to myself in such a fashion, and convincing myself I would've been ahead of things as the GM of this team. Bashing on a message board is easy. Spending multiple millions which don't belong to you on a guy who hasn't proved he's worth it at this point of his career is dumb, risky, and quite honestly, if you guys are making that big of a fuss about paying a NORRIS TROPHY WINNER what he's worth, you don't deserve any better than having the kind of team we've had for 2 decades now.
He was already a top-pairing defenceman, in what world is that not worth 5mr? There was no "bet" even if had another season just like the one before he would've been worth 5m.

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