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07-18-2013, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
The millions that have to be saved are elsewhere in the team. Not on a Norris trophy winner. Stop complaining about Subban's future speculated salary, and start revising how your favorite captain (Gionta) and this d-man we call a leader (Gorges) earn up to 9M together for being depth players.
The overpaying of Gionta and Gorges has nothing to do with whether or not the bridge deal was a good idea, why you keep bringing it up I have no idea. The fact is, we could have signed Subban to a discount, which no matter what you argue, is only beneficial in a cap world. Sure, Gionta and Gorges are overpayed, but that has nothing to do with Subban. It's a stupid argument and a crappy justification for why the savings don't matter in the case of Subban.

Also, Gionta isn't my favorite captain, you may want to relax a bit HiggsBozon and stop taking shots as posters, it just makes you look petty and your arguments thin.

It's also funny how you consistently whine about Gionta's salary and cap hit, but then go on to defend Briere who is older, a lesser player in terms of versatility and who had only two more points than Gionta had goals last season, and who like Gionta is a "depth player" at this point in his career.

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