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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
If you have a long term vision then it's very easy to predict not needing cap space in the 2 years following a last place finish. Especially since your stated intention is to build through the draft, i.e not go out and spend on UFAs.
Really? If it's that easy to predict, you must have predicted that the Habs won the division ahead of the Bruins and finished 2nd in the conference, right?

And you're forgetting one (important) part of Bergevin's quote: Building through draft AND trades.

Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
If we are talking possible scenario then how's this. Subban holds a grudge about getting stiffed in the last contract negotiations and doesn't sign long term, goes to arbitration, gets his 7-8m and then become UFA. Personally if my boss screwed me out of money simply because I had no other options, and then a couple years later I have tons of options I'd probably leave. Hopefully Subban is willing to be a bigger man then me.
Yep. Just like people were saying the same about Tomas Plekanec going to arbitration. Funny how that works, isn't it?

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