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07-18-2013, 02:47 PM
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If it has nothing to do with other players' salary, then why do you keep bringing up the problem? If the other players' salary isn't a problem, then I guess it means there's no reason to make a big fuss over this to begin with, right? Because, you know, it,s gotta mean the team is in good shape anyway...
I don't see why I need to bring in Gionta and Gorges in order to talk about Subban's bridge contract. I don't see the connection here. You need to do a better job of demonstrating why I need to speak of Gionta and Gorges in order to talk about Subban. Fact is, in a cap world, savings are important. Other players salaries are important, but I don't see why I have to look at those two in particular. There are a few overpaid players on this team, Price is one, Desharnais is another, Briere is another, why you insist on Gionta and Gorges is beyond...well actually it isn't, your irrational hate for the two is well documented here.

Giving Subban 5 million last season would have given him his worth at the moment in time and would have been a discounted deal in the future for a player who's potential hadn't been reached yet. And like most had predicted, Subban improved leaps and bounds. Instead, we low-balled and underpaid him last year in order to get a short term discount which demonstrates a severe lack of foresight. Not something you want to see in a new GM.

As for Briere, I don't want to get in this conversation in this thread, but if you really want to talk about it:

Not only is he earning 1M less than the other guy, he's also capable of actually handling the puck and brings much needed puck-skills to a lineup that has next to none to begin with. He also bring playoffs experience, and for all his "failures", and the fact people keep bringing up he's washed up offensively because of his last TWO seasons

Briere had 22 goals, 43 assists and 65 points in his last two seasons (104 games) which is a pace of 51 points over 82 games.
Gionta had 22 goals, 19 assists and 41 points in his last two seasons (79 games) which is a pace of 42 points over 82 games.
So essentially, we got an older, less versatile player, for 1 million dollars less, who needs soft minutes to produce and scored the same amount of goals as Gionta in 25 more games.
So yeah. Offensively they're nothing alike.
You're right, they are not. One player needs babying and sheltered minutes to produce less goals than an other player who plays tougher minutes and scores more.

And knowing Briere just had his worst season in YEARS, I would not put both of these players under the same category. Briere is twice the playmaker and the player Gionta is with the puck. As for his play without the puck, I can't recall of one single occasion where Gionta actually regained possession of the puck to begin with. For all what Briere won't bring on the forecheck, Gionta isn't bringing it neither.
Gionta is twice the player Briere is without the puck. He's also better on the forecheck than Briere is despite being smaller.

What I also know, is that while Gionta and Gorges got respectively 5 and 6 years each on their new contracts, we actually gave Briere just two years at a lower salary than Gionta, and about the same salary as Gorges, who's highly inefficient in all aspects of the game minus shot-blocking.
We gave 4 million dollars to a lesser, older and declining player. Gionta is still producing at more or less the same career output and goals. Also, Gionta doesn't have the benefit of being a UFA to renegotiate his contract status. He was signed 4 years ago. Giving Briere 4 million at this point in his career is like giving 4 million dollars to Gionta next season and something tells me you wouldn't like that.

I don't think anybody here would be complaining if Brian or Josh were signed on a two years contract to begin with neither.
Doubtful. The only way people wouldn't complain about Gorges and Gionta is if both were 6'4 and would fight occasionally, despite nothing else about their game changing.

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