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07-18-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
It's an excuse.

Hockey is a physical sport and every team will have injuries. The teams with depth will overcome and be successful. Those that lack adequate depth capable of performing will suffer.

Sadly we are that team that lacked depth last season and if we start the season as is, will again be at a more significant disadvantage WHEN we have players injured.
People like to repeat this bit of "conventional hockey wisdom" because it's been beaten into their heads for years, but it's simply not true. Going deep into the playoffs and winning the Cup requires staying healthy, which takes a huge amount of luck.

Tell me, what injuries did Chicago overcome this year? When did they have to rely upon this mythical "depth" that all winning teams have to turn to sooner or later? Of their 10 leading scorers and #1 goalie, all of them played every playoff game except Hossa (injured for 1), Keith (suspended for 1) and Stalberg (scratched for 4).

Over on the other side, Boston - all their top 10 scorers and their #1 goalie played every game except Peverley (missed 1) and Seidenberg (missed 4).

Meanwhile, over in Montreal, we played 5 games - out of our top 10 scorers, we were without Pacioretty (1 game), Eller (4 games) and Gionta (3 games). Our #1 goalie missed an overtime and a full game. Our 11th leading scorer was Prust, who also missed 1 game. Emelin, who won't crack any top scoring lists but is still valuable to the team, missed 5 games.

Already in 5 games we had more injuries than Chicago and Boston had in a combined 45 games (23 for CHI, 22 for BOS).

So please...I know it fits your argument that everything all the other teams do is better and everything the Habs do is awful, but try to have your arguments line-up even somewhat remotely with the plain facts.

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