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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
You are making an incorrect generalization - lots of bottom line players in the NHL weren't ppg players in the OHL - even some top six players who play a robust style. You are putting much too emphasis on points. 53 points as an OHL rookie isn't a red was Biggs' lack of toughness that was the main red flag for me.

Bickell scored 55 points the year after he was drafted, and 53 in his final junior year. Clarkson wasn't close to being a ppg player (39 points at Mac's age, 54 at age 19), Neil scored 55 points at Mac's age, and he was a second-year player. Andrew Shaw had 36 and 54 points his last two junior seasons.

Your assertion is simply not factual.
I'd like to interject because I agree with you, and I know he's going to correct you: Bickell scored 83 points as a 19 year old. He scored 30 with Windsor.

Now, the rest is factual, and beyond that, I really agree with your point. I really care how he's getting these points, as opposed to how many he's getting. Specifically, I want to see him playing the kind of game that becomes more valuable, not less, when playing playoff hockey (aka. Prison rules).

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