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Originally Posted by leeaf83 View Post
It's little things like that which contribute to the NHL's poor marketing rap: the NHL is the #4 league in America and yet by far the one which takes it's loyal fans for granted.

Yes I remember the 90's when the schedule would be posted in news papers. You know what else was different back then? the information age was just a baby. It doesn't take as long to make the schedule since they have a computer program for it. And as we all know; the schedule is clearly done, they are sitting on it, losing out on potential revenue every day they choose to shun their fans.

A lot of work companies have rules that vacations must be booked at least 90 days in advance; well guess what, we are less than 90 days before puck drop. And as mentioned a lot of people combine NHL trips with NFL, MLB, NBA, or in my case the CHL. Kind of hard to do without a schedule. I wouldn't be surprised if the California and Florida teams and Phoenix have lower attendances in October for that reason
The league is #4 in the US and always will be so long as the NBA, NFL, and MLB are still in business. Releasing the schedule today so you can book vacations is not going to change the NHL's standing in the US. Secondly, I have never heard of a company that requires people to book vacation time 90 days in advance. I know plenty of companies that ALLOW people to book or claim vacation time well in advance and only allow a certain number of people to book at a time. When I worked for TD Waterhouse, it was my department. We could start booking vacation days in December for the following year. Yes, you could book 11 months in advance (you were not allowed to take vacation days in December). Should the NHL have put out the schedule the previous December so I could book vacation time?

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